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2007 Jetta 5sp
« on: December 28, 2020, 11:08:50 PM »
2007 jetta 2.5l   $500
208,000 miles, blown clutch, otherwise average condition for wear
Starts up and runs fine

its in my neighborhood and I can get you in touch if interested

Finally pulled this in. Almost certainly a blown out dual mass flywheel. With tires off the ground it spins and shifts fine.

No structural issues, but cosmetic rust is looking pretty bad. One fender holed, bubbles on others and on hood. Rockers are real soft. A few door dings and PO seems to have parked by touch with the back bumper. No exhaust issues. Should check engine for codes before I order parts.

Guessing at a 4-6hr job to do the clutch.

Needs $5 (!) e-brake cables.
No records or stickers I could find of a timing belt having been done. It's either completely fine, or DEEP into borrowed time. Those are easy on the gas cars - mark and pray method is fine - but clearance is notably worse on this 5cyl than the 4s I'm used to.
Holy shit this has a timing chain. Whelp, that's easy and safe to ignore, noice!

Interior needs cleaning, but is a 7. clean leather, good head liner, some switchgear and driver seat wear.
One tire was down when I bought it, and it's on one steel wheel. Right now it's on 2 spares and 2 alloys with the leaky alloy in the trunk.

as is on tires with the clutch job done, I think ask 1500 just as PO initially was. Maybe 1800 if I can find a matching fender. I think I do have to title it. Paperwork was coached to be rather thoroughly done. NBD on that.
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