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Line Mt @ RC April 30 2016

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line mt is a great fun race.  at check in you get an inspection to set your class (points on a sheet that add up to a window ABCD,E class)  buggies are all E class.  a stock toyota 4cyl on 31's would be A class.  stauns and long arms / fancy ness look of your jeep will get you into B maybe C.  i couldn't find the rule list.  FB is actually their best mode of communication

Check in, watch the number board when to line up.  they race dirt bikes, quads, utvs 4wheelers 3 wheelers on same course in morning, truck race at noonish, kids racing on powerwheels after cutoff around 5.  no prerunning course.

good hot food for breakfast / lunch / dinner available at cook shack- ice / coffee available.  camping area is not level at all, park right in the grass accross from check in / food shack.... dont bother driving up and around the camping loop... not trailer friendly and your toter wouldnt make it.   park pointing back out towards the road.  if you park pointing towards the track down or up hill, you will be asked to move.    you must come in from the church / big Al side, not the AOAA / earthday side the way the driveway is with a trailer....   you will drag, commit to it. 

information before hand, or drivers meetings are useless.  its honestly a miracle i dont understand but always works out.  We have trackers we bought that are good for 5 years, you can rent one or buy one cheap.   

expect tight single track woods for 90% of the race. expect to lumberjack around dead non mobile cars. rocks mud stumps trees dusty fields tools and tires and broken cars everywhere along the track.  expect to be bumped if you don't move over for a horn. 

and, i just realized 90% of that pertains to racing at Line mt property not Rausch   lol

carry on, racing at rausch with line mt people is to most fun for me, because of the many hours of racing there i have

Also expect spectators on course. they generally get out of the way. I've been surprised but I've never had to slam on the brakes. My finger rarely leaves the horn button...

When should we arrive?

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usually course prerun open till dark.  if you want a spot up front be there before noon.  i usually roll in the back where its big enough to turn around anyway and dont really plan to pit unless im done. 


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